Stoulton, Worcs
Photo: MPA Wilby
This tower contained a ring of twelve between 1984 and 2009.

Peal Records
Bell Date Founder Dia. Weight  
Treble 1980 AA Jopp " 0-0-19  
2nd. 1981 AA Jopp " 0-1-0  
3rd. 1927 Taylor " 0-0-20  
4th. 1985 AA Jopp " 0-1-6  
5th. 1927 Taylor " 0-0-23  
6th. 1927 Taylor " 0-0-27  
7th. 1927 Taylor " 0-1-9  
8th. 1927 Taylor " 0-1-18  
9th. 1927 Taylor " 0-1-27  
10th. 1927 Taylor " 0-2-17  
11th. 1927 Taylor " 0-3-25  
Tenor 1927 Taylor " 1-1-11 in Bb -17  

Brief History

The first private ring at Stoulton was a ring of six hung in the rafters of Arthur Jopp's Church Lane home. They were collected over a period of fourteen years, tuned by Taylors and hung in 1960 using bicycle wheels and with a simple chiming apparatus. These were augmented to eight in 1970 by adding a treble and tenor and replacing the old fourth.

In 1976 these bells were replaced by a set of ten bells from the University of Sydney Carillon cast in 1927 by Taylors. At that time it was common practice to install duplicate pairs of the smaller bells of a carillon to be used simultaneously to give more power to the higher notes. Gradually some of these installations have had their smaller pairs of bells replaced by single, larger bells capable of generating sufficient volume on their own. (Eleven bells from the other half of this set were purchased by Kinoulton in Nottinghamshire and added to another 1927 Taylor bell, which was originally part of the Bellfoundry Campanile, to form a ring of twelve. So far only the back six bells only hung for ringing so far. The twelve bells weigh 0.0.16, 0.0.19, 0.0.19, 0.0.20, 0.0.27, 0.1.4, 0.1.13, 0.1.24, 0.2.17 (Bellfoundry bell), 0.2.27, 1.0.18, 1.2.11 in A). They were augmented to twelve in 1984 using two bells cast by Mr. Jopp himself. Subsequently, the fourth has been replaced by another Jopp bell, since the previous bell was rather light at 14lb. The ringing chamber is at ground floor level, and ringing is strictly by invitation only.

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