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Birmingham, W Midlands
Cathedral of St Philip
Created: 1949

Peal Records

Sound Clip:
Stedman Cinques
©Michael P A Wilby
Bell Date Founder Dia. Weight  
Treble 1949 Gillett & Johnston " 5-3-20  
2nd. 1949 Gillett & Johnston " 5-3-16  
3rd. 1937 Gillett & Johnston " 5-3-1  
4th. 1937 Gillett & Johnston " 6-0-25  
5th. 1937 Gillett & Johnston " 6-2-9  
6th. 1937 Gillett & Johnston " 6-3-18  
7th. 1937 Gillett & Johnston " 8-0-20  
8th. 1937 Gillett & Johnston " 10-1-10  
9th. 1937 Gillett & Johnston " 13-2-26  
10th. 1937 Gillett & Johnston " 15-3-24  
11th. 1937 Gillett & Johnston " 21-3-20  
Tenor 1937 Gillett & Johnston " 31-0-21 in D - 22  

Brief History
The Queen Anne Cathedral of St Philip has had a ring of bells since 1727 - two years after the completion of the tower. The first ring was of ten bells cast by Lester, Pack & Chapman, and had a tenor of 29cwt in D. By the time of the Great War the condition of the bells had deteriorated and they were silent for a while. Indeed, by the 1930s they were not considered to be ringable. Thus in 1937 they were recast to commemorate the coronation fo King George VI. Gilletts returned in 1949 to complete the augmentation to twelve. To ensure that the smaller bells were sufficiently audible in the ringing room, the upper tier of the frame contains the seventh, eighth and ninth. Most people will agree that they form a fine instrument, and are extremely clear in the ringing room: they are also very demanding to ring well. Since 1949 the Cathedral has been a regular peal tower - the "long practices" on Thursdays, and more recently Mondays, have proved a training ground for many accomplished ringers. The current peal total stands in excess of 1500.

RW 67/178

From St Philip's Ringing Chamber The 1949 Gillett Trebles, the gift of Frank B Yates.
St Martin's Guild Library The (then) ring of ten assembled at Gillett & Johnson, Croydon, 1937.
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