Appleton, Oxon
Workshop (Balscote Ring)
Photo: MPA Wilby
Created: 1997

Peal Records

Sound Clip:
Stedman Cinques
©Michael P A Wilby
Bell Date Founder Dia. Weight  
Treble 1997 Whitechapel 9.5" 0-1-8  
2nd. 1997 Whitechapel 9.5" 0-1-6  
3rd. 1958 Mears & Stainbank 10.25" 0-1-6  
4th. 1958 Mears & Stainbank 10.5" 0-1-6  
5th. 1957 Gillett & Johnston 11" 0-1-14  
6th. 1963 Mears & Stainbank 11.5" 0-1-14  
7th. 1952 Gillett & Johnston 12.5" 0-2-0  
8th. 1952 Gillett & Johnston 13.125" 0-2-14  
9th. 1958 Mears & Stainbank 15" 0-2-25  
10th. 1952 Gillett & Johnston 16.25" 1-0-0  
11th. 1952 Gillett & Johnston 17.5" 1-0-20  
Tenor 1958 Mears & Stainbank 19.25" 1-2-16 in Bb -23  

sharp 2nd. 1969 Mears & Stainbank 9.5" 0-1-6  
sharp 4th. 1964 Mears & Stainbank 10.5" 0-1-6  
sharp 5th. 1963 Mears & Stainbank 10.75" 0-1-13  
sharp 8th. 1963 Mears & Stainbank 13.25" 0-2-9  
sharp 9th. 1952 Gillett & Johnston 14.75" 0-3-7  

Brief History
Charles Jarvis purchased a ring of six bells from Gillett & Johnston in 1951 with a tenor of 1.0.20 in C at a cost of 186 to include fittings. He hung them in an outhouse at his farm in Balscote, Oxon. In 1956 he purchased two smaller bells from Gilletts (Ab and Bb) at a cost of 72 possibly in an attempt to regain the record for the lightest ring of six which Arthur Jopp had just stolen with his Stoulton Campanile (0.3.23). His long-term plan was to complete the ring of ten but this was halted when Gillett & Johnston went into liquidation. In the end an order was placed with the Whitechapel bell foundry for four new bells in 1958. The small C bell and larger Eb bell produced the light six he was after (tenor 0.2.25) whilst the other bells augmented either end up to a slightly heavier ring of ten. Two more Whitechapel bells were added in 1963 and further additions in 1964 and 1969 brought the total up to sixteen bells hung for ringing. The possible permutations included two rings of ten (in Bb and C), three rings of eight (in Bb, C and D), seven rings of six (in Bb, C, D, Eb, E, F and G) and nine rings of five (in Bb, C, D, Eb, E, F, Gb, G and A.)
In 1971 Charles Jarvis retired from Home Farm to a bungalow at Greenways Farm also in Balscote. He constructed a campanile in a barn on this property and rehung the bells there. In January 1987 the farm was sold, the frame went for scrap and the bells were stored until being bought and restored by Whites of Appleton in 1996. They were hung in a new frame at the works but three of the original bells (Db, Ab and Gb) were not reused. Instead two new trebles were cast to complete the ring of twelve.

RW 97/745