St Albans, Herts
St Peter
This tower contained a ring of twelve between 1868 and 1881.

Peal Records
Bell Date Founder Dia. Weight  
Treble 1868 Warner 0" 5-3-19  
2nd. 1868 Warner 0" 6-2-8  
3rd. 1787 John Briant 28.75" 6-0-7  
4th. 1787 John Briant 29" 5-2-8  
5th. 1729 Richard Phelps 30" 5-3-16  
6th. 1812 John Briant 31" 5-2-13  
7th. 1729 Richard Phelps 32.5" 6½ cwt.  
8th. 1729 Richard Phelps 35" 8-1-20  
9th. 1805 John Briant 38.75" 10-1-20  
10th. 1729 Richard Phelps 0" 12 cwt.  
11th. 1729 Richard Phelps 0" 18 cwt.  
Tenor 1729 Richard Phelps 50" 21-1-26 in D  

Brief History

Earliest records show a ring of six bells (tenor 21.2.20) cast from four earlier bells in 1628. By 1728 five of these were cracked and Richard Phelps recast and augmented these to a ring of eight. In 1787 John Briant augmented the ring of eight to ten - the first in the county. In 1799 the tower was taken down and rebuilt. By 1805 this was complete and John Briant returned to rehang the ring of ten in a new twelve-bell frame and recast the seventh. In 1868 Warner's added two new trebles to augment the ring to twelve but they were to remain as such for only 15 years.

The trebles were apparently not a good match for the old ten and no peals were ever completed upon the twelve. On Wednesday 12th October 1881 the eleventh cracked during practice and later the tenth was found to be in the same condition. The two trebles and the cracked bells were handed over to Taylors pay for the recasting of what were to become once again the eighth (13.0.19) and ninth (18.1.22) of a ring of ten. Interestingly the trebles were weighed at Loughborough as totalling 11.3.25 instead of 12.1.27 as Warner's had published. The work was completed by 22nd June 1883. Warner's recast the fifth in 1887 (after it cracked due to clocking) producing a bell weighing 6.3.16 and rehanging all the bells in a new frame for ten. They were rehung on ball bearings in 1931 and in 1950 three RSJ's were fixed under the main beams to strengthen the whole frame. Whitechapel recast the whole peal again in 1993, and hung them in a new low-sided frame that makes provision for future augmentation, should this be desired.

RW 78/1057,1083 94/869, 888