The Rings of Twelve is a website after an original idea by W A Thow, who's 1984 publication contained basic details of every existing ring of twelve bells, and some analysis of the rings by tenor weight and year of completion. Seventeen years later, and with a net increase of nearly 30 such rings, a revision of this study was overdue, and thus began what is seen here today.

The roots of this website have three sources: Stuart Hutchieson, David Bryant and Michael Wilby all began compiling information on the subject quite independantly, later to pool resources when eachother's work became known. Stuart, originally planning a book on the subject, kindly offered his notes, and thus provided much of the "Brief Histories" and data on the bells now contained in the site. David, a keen bell historian, spends much time and effort researching the history and bell fittings, and has provided many of the photographs of bells on the site. Michael designed and maintains the website and database, as well as collecting information and photographs of the twelve-bell towers; he is particularly interested in the development of change-ringing on the higher numbers.

Project Scope

The website is built around and served from a relational database. The project scope provides for Bell Data (Notes, Weights, Diameters, Hanging Data, Dates, Founders), Inscriptions, Details of Previous Rings (of twelve) in the tower, and thus allows analysis and comparison of rings of bells.

Additionally, the site forms a repository for articles, news items, peal records and sound recordings of the twelves.

Notes on the information presented

Bell weights are quoted in the traditional hundredweight-quarters-pounds format; other hanging data, such as bell diameters, wheel diameters, etc., are given in imperial, but quoted to two decimal places where appropriate. The key notes of the rings are published in terms of key plus or minus cents (100 cents = 1 semitone) where known; the nominal frequencies are also given in Hz. eg. The pitch of the tenor at St Mary-le-Bow, London (Bow Bell), is quoted as being C -7 cents, 521.2 Hz.


The website is intended to be a resource for those interested in the twelve-bell towers. The information held on the site may be subject to specific copyrights, and any use outside of this site must be discussed with the Rings of Twelve team. Certain linking facilities can be offered, for instance tower detail pages can be accessed directly, with prior consent; usually all that is requested is acknowledgement in return for the provision of the facilities. For further information, please contact the Rings of Twelve team via the Contact facility on the menu.


A project such as this is very much a labour of love, and relies on the generousity many individuals. Particular thanks go to: Jim Hedgcock, who has spent much of his own time going though the database records checking dates and weights, comparing with his own records, and seeking clarification over any discrepancies before passing on corrections and amendments; to Andrew Higson and Taylors for providing much useful and historical data; George Dawson for much of the same. Thanks also go to Chris Pickford for his advice, encouragement and information; William Hall for photographs and access to the database; David Beacham, Richard Allton, Adrian Udal, David Hull, Brian Diserens and John Ketteringham for their help and information.

Particular suppliers to this site are the Felstead peal database, maintained by David Dearnley, and hosted and managed online by Don Morrison; and /, both maintained and managed by William Hall.